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The Bonsai Shack is the Tri-State areas leading supplier of all things bonsai.  We pride ourselves in having one of the largest selections of trees, tools, pots and supplies in the Northeast.  The Bonsai Shack also offers many free and paid classes throughout the year.
While you will always find far more product at our nursery and shack in New York, we also provide some of our best products online to ship nationwide.  Check out our Online Store to see what we can ship to you today.

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Bonsai Soil

We bring out the good stuff here at The Bonsai Shack when we talk soil.  Our premier soil is The Bonsai Shack Chubby Mix.  The Cubby Mix is a specially formulated professional mix that is perfect for most bonsai trees.  We import and sell only the best soil components from Japan.
We also have one of the northeast's largest supplies of lava, akadama, pumice and kanuma.  We import it all from Japan  pre-mixed or as individual substrates. You can shop our bonsai soil and substrate online HERE.


Properly fertilizing is one of the keys to healthy and happy bonsai.  Our fertilizers are all premium quality and we use them ourselves.

BIO Gold Original Fertilizer 
from Japan, is one of the highest quality bonsai fertilizers on the market.  The carefully formulated N:P:K is trusted by bonsai professionals around the world.  Bio Gold has the three essential elements (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash) and micro-nutrients to produce a balanced fertilizer for developed bonsai.

Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer - perfectly balanced Bonsai fertilizer. N:P;K ratio of 7:5:5 balanced for Bonsai of all types.

The Pot Shack

The shack may look small, but we have more.  We have thousands of bonsai pots from small mame pots to huge pots to house some of the larger bonsai.  We carry premium show quality pots from japan, high quality ceramics pots from around the world, plastic training pots and even Mica pots.  If you are looking to pot bonsai in the near future, stop on out and see what we have that may suite

Bonsai Tools

We have a large collection of tools from premium tool kits to scoops and chopsticks. If you are looking to expand your tool kit or you just want some tweezers to help pull weeds, we have you covered.

Here at The Bonsai Shack, we didn't forget the necessities for every bonsai practitioner. We carry all the basics including concave cutters, pruning shears, knob cutters, wire cutters and jin pliers. Stop out or give us a call to find out more about the tools we offer.

Copper & Aluminum Bonsai Wire

Bonsai wire is applied to shape and hold branches in place.  After a while the tree grows and the branch "remembers" it's new position.  The wire is then removed and you are well on your way to shaping bonsai using aluminum and copper bonsai wire.

We carry a full range of both aluminum and copper wire.  Grab a few sizes or a full set so you have what's needed when it's time to wire.  Don't forget your wire cutters, they help you apply the wire and help you even more when you need to remove it.


Raffia is used to protect branches and bark when wiring and bending branches of some species.  The raffia actually provides additional structure so branches don't snap.  Properly applying raffia and wire greatly increases the chances of your tree emerging healthy and happy from it's new look. 

Bonsai Turntables

A turntable makes working on bonsai much easier. We offer turntables that make working on trees much easier. Some of the lower cost turntables are used for trees on display so they can easily be rotated on a regular basis. This helps provide even light to all sides of the bonsai. We even have turntables with drawers inside to hold your wire or tools.

And A Whole Lot More!!!

We have hundreds of other items , too many to list. Stop out and check us out.