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The Bonsai Shack is the tri-state areas largest and most complete bonsai nursery. Located just north of New York City in Ponoma, we have everything you need to start or continue your bonsai journey. From starter trees to show quality specimen trees, you will find a tree that speaks to you.
If you don't need (can't have) another tree, we have everything to care for your trees you do have. Our Pot Shack features top of the line Japanese pots to low cost plastic trainers. We have all the supplies and tools to grow, repot, trim, fertilize and perfect your bonsai. In addition we have a huge variety of Japanese soils including our own Chubby Mix, a premium substrate based bonsai soil mix.

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Services We Offer

The bonsai shack is a full-service bonsai nursery. Not only do we carry a complete line of trees, tools, pots, soil's and anything else you need to get your Bonsai On, we also offer repotting, Styling, pruning, and wiring as well as tree sitting while you're on vacation.
We also have classes and other events most of the year. Classes include help from world class bonsai artists or you can take a beginner class if you are just getting started.
If you don't have proper winter storage, we offer winter storage for anyone who wants to leave their tree in our care. Please contact John at 845-304-2183 to find out more.

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