Full Service Bonsai Nursery

Here at The Bonsai Shack we are a full service bonsai nursery.  We can help you with almost anything bonsai related.  We offer lessons, classes, events, boarding, repotting services, pruning services, private lessons and much more right here at our nursery just north of New York City.

One of the things we are most proud of is our huge variety of free and paid classes and events.  Very few places in the country open their doors to learn as much as we do here at The Bonsai Shack.  Check out our extensive list of of classes, workshops and events.

Classes, Workshops, and Events

Master Your Craft

Be sure to check out our annual bonsai show, held every fall.  You can check our event calendar for specific dates.
We also have professionals from around the world come and teach several times per year.  This is a great opportunity to learn new techniques from some of the true bonsai Masters.

Whatever your needs are, please feel free to contact John at 845-304-2183 to see what we can do to make your bonsai experience a great one.