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Akadama for Bonsai - Japanese Ryusen Super Hard "Baked to 350 C" - 14L Bag

Akadama for Bonsai - Japanese Ryusen Super Hard "Baked to 350 C" - 14L Bag

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Akadama is known as "red ball earth' in Japan and is a mined volcanic byproduct.  Akadama is found in a layer that is often found below a layer of kanuma (an acidic bonsai substrate from Japan).  Akadama is usually mixed with other substrates, but can be used alone for some species that are repotted often.  Akadama, in combination with Lava and Pumice, also known as ALP, is possibly the most common bonsai soil mix on earth. 

The Bonsai Shack sources the best quality akadama.  We source "super hard" akadama that is heated to 300+ C.  This results in a much harder and cleaner product than akadama that is not fired or is fired at lower temperatures.  

To test the hardness of akadama, simply let it dry out in open air (moisture is usually trapped in the bag) for a few days and squeeze between your fingers.  If it is hard to crush, it is likely hard or super hard.  Most akadama bags also specify the hardness of the akadama in Japanese.  Akadama that is less than "hard" is generally not imported into the united states and has not really been a problem for a few decades.  Hard quality akadama is OK, but super hard is better and will last longer if you are able to get it.

All akadama comes in the original 14 L Japanese bag.  14L is about 3 gallons
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